The importance of skin analysis

Skin Analysis

It is a well-documented fact that our skin is the largest and most complex organ of the body, however how many of us can confidently say that we truly understand the integral relationship it plays with the rest of our systems, in addition to its incredible structure and plethora of functions?  Consisting of seven layers in total which collectively form the epidermis and dermis, in addition to a further subcutaneous layer which is composed of fat and connective tissue, the skin is ultimately responsible for: - cellular transfer and regeneration - lipid formation and expulsion - temperature control - prevention against the loss of moisture - insulation - sensory control - providing protection for our internal organs - prevention against invading pathogens and harmful UV rays - detecting infections due to its immune functions acting as a protective barrier against injury - keratinisation - the production of vitamin D On average our skin spans between fourteen and eighteen … [Read more...]

What are Contra-indications?


Prior to any beauty treatments or complementary therapies taking place, it is essential for the Therapist to conduct a thorough consultation, which the client will be asked to sign, to determine if he/she has any contra-indications that would prevent the therapy from proceeding.  Contra-indications are specific conditions or factors that mean it is necessary to withhold a treatment, however in some cases it may be possible to carry out a treatment with the written permission of a client's GP, or if the contra-indication is localised to a specific area such as bruising. A client consultation form is therefore extremely important.  Not only does it ensure the safety of the client, but also protects the reputation of the therapist and the salon/spa.It is never advisable to risk having a treatment in an establishment who do not follow strict codes of conduct, or from individuals who may not hold reputable qualifications. Each treatment has specific contra-indications that a therapist would … [Read more...]